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Red Pine Getting Love

Posted: Mar 18, 2024
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Excerpt: We had a taste of spring when we did not want it in February and now we are getting winter back in March. The guys decided it is better to retreat inside. Red Pine is the winner of their skills and attention The old kitchen cabinets from the 70's were their victim. We have wanted to do this for... Read more

Who Needs An Auger?

Posted: Feb 26, 2024

Excerpt: Monday morning at the resort. Mike Grady one of our awesome guests and friend has come up to work on "his dock" at Eagles Nest. Mike loves coming back in the summer and seeing the projects he has helped with in action. Mike helped us last spring rebuild all the little boat docks at the beach. We appreciate his... Read more


Posted: Nov 05, 2008

Excerpt: Houston we have a problem I was working on the other side of the resort and was hollered at to grab my camera and come to the playground. I arrived to much head scratching and mutters of oooops! I think new swing posts will be first this spring It was tree demo day at the resort with guests and guest's... Read more

Working, Working, Working

Posted: Oct 14, 2008

Excerpt: Fall means cool weather, less people and that adds up to some construction projects starting. The front walkway the 1st of the wooden walkways constructed around the resort 25 years ago needed a little TLC Troy and Steve enjoying a warm fall afternoon atop the sauna. This may be the last rolled roofing put on at Black's Cliff. The... Read more

Roofs and Vinegar

Posted: Sep 18, 2008

Excerpt: Time for a scientific experiment! Why does Muskie grow such a nice patch of moss on it every year. I have no idea. We have tried many remedies and even tried ignoring it. This year we are giving Vinegar a try. It worked on a parch of poison ivy earlier along with salt. One of the nice things about running... Read more