Dogs Welcome

Pets welcome blacks cliff resort

If you wish to bring your dog to Black's Cliff, we charge a $15/night and $75/week fee per dog. This fee does not cover damage caused by your dog. Any damage, including hair on furniture or bedding, will be subject to additional charges. We also ask dog owners to observe the following:

  • No barking
  • All guest dogs must be on a leash unless at dog park.
  • Remember your pooper scooper.
  • No dogs at the beach during swimming hours
  • Dogs may swim at doggie beach all day.
  • Dogs are not to be left in the cabins alone unless they are confined in an indoor dog kennel or permission has been granted by office to be left alone.
  • You will be held responsible for any damage, including pet hair on the furniture or bedding or dog scratches in our doors, screens and windows.
  • Dogs are not to be on our bedding or furniture.
  • Dogs are not to be tied to trees or around the cabin.
  • No more than one dog allowed per cabin unless permission is granted by office.
  • Sorry, we do not allow cats or other animals,
  • We charge 5/night or 75/week. Additional fees may be charged for additional dogs.

We are one of the few resorts that allow dogs. Please help us continue this tradition by following the rules.

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