Black's Cliff Blog "Ice Out Contest" Blog Entries

Ice Out Rules

Posted: Mar 05, 2009

Excerpt: Pick a date, mail in $5 to Black's Cliff Resort PO Box 125 Hazelhurs WI 54531. Make sure to have your date, money and contact info included. $2.50 goes to the Northwoods Wildlife Center as a donation, the other $2.50 goes in the winners pot. The pot will be awarded to the winner or split by the winners depending on... Read more

Ice Out Contest 2009 has started!

Posted: Mar 05, 2009

Excerpt: March 1st means one thing Ice Out Contest 2009 is here and Cliff is returning to the lake for his 5 time waiting to sink into Lower Kaubashine the day the ice goes out. What day will it be? Troy helping Cliff make sure that his head is secure for his ordeal on the ice for the next month... Read more