Rumble on Lower Kaubashine

Posted: Feb 26, 2009
Categories:  Resort Life 
2 neighbors on the lake had it out yesterday and I caught a couple pics of them in the tree. The crows were doing battle with this eagle over the left overs from the icefishermen that were here this weekend. They were swooping at one another to quick for me to catch a pic, so I only caught this one of them eyeing each other up. I am assuming there are a few minnows left over from Al, Jimmy and Fritz on the ice. This time of year you can see eagles hanging out by ice fishing holes quite a bit. Missing pic was of the eagle winning out and feasting at the holes who took off as soon as Poe bounded ahead of me to take the eagle on for some of the spoils. How a golden retreiver would fare with an eagle I do not pretend to think Poe had a chance so I am happy the eagle took off before I got a shot of it on the lake I caught this deer heading out to the lake this morning. You know winter is still here due to the think darker coat the deer still have [caption id="attachment_1066" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Poe checking out the smallest snowmobiler in the Northwoods"]Poe checking out the smallest snowmobiler in the Northwoods[/caption] Our snowmobiling family here this week has been having a good time. Tucker above was headed off to snowmobile to The Waters to go swimming with his family. What was more fun the snowmobile ride or the waterpark? I am not sure but I am sure he took a nap when they got home.
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