Ice Skating on Lower Kaubashine Lake

Both kids and adults are encouraged to bring their ice skates to the resort. We have a big frozen lake where you can practice your figure eights! If you don't have skates, bring your boots (and some brooms) and get a game of broom ball going.

Weather permitting, we try to keep the rink open from Christmas through the end of February. Skates can be borrowed in our office, and e leave hockey sticks and a puck at the rink for some great hockey games.

In lucky years early early season snow stays thin enough that folks can skate all over the lake. There is nothing like flying across the entire lake with your family, not hemmed in by the size of a rink.

During the rest of the winter Torpy Park in Minocqua keeps a flooded rink open. Minocqua WinterPark also offers free skating and has some skates to rent on a flooded their flooded pond,

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