Summer Family Fun Videos

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism in 2015 was looking for a family to do a video about who had been traveling to the same resort for generations. They contacted Black’s Cliff looking to see if we could connect them with a family to do a 2 1/2 minute video on their story of vacationing in Wisconsin. We had several families who fit what they were asking for. They selected The Thompson Family who has been with us for almost 60 years. The following three videos tell the story of their special times at Black’s Cliff through 4 generations of their family

The first video was so successful in 2016 with over 4 million views that the state came back in the summer of 2016 to video the Thompson family again to feature them in 2 commercials for the state of Wisconsin for their 2017 summer advertising campaign. These are TV commercials for the state all filmed at the resort and on Lower Kaubashine. It was a wonderful project to be part of and we were proud to share with everyone what makes our little piece of heaven in Wisconsin so special. The videos speak for themselves.

Thank you to the Thompson Family and everyone involved in bringing the story of their vacation and the magic of Black’s Cliff, and Northern Wisconsin for everyone to see.

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